Orlando 2017 Class Schedule – 3/12/17

10:00 AM- 11:00 AM

Move, Sweat, Breathe

Location: Area B

Presented by Full Circle Yoga

Yes, yoga can help you move, sweat and breathe. With consistency, flow yoga can help you strengthen, tone and increase your metabolism . Remember that your body was meant to move. The key in your practice is to learn to move mindfully toward your “edge,” the place where your body feels challenged, but not overwhelmed. In this class, expect to work up a sweat, without twisting into a pretzel. This session will include fun, flowing and dynamic movement. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

11:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Community Yoga

Location: Area A

Presented by the creators of Yoga in Lake Eola Park.

This will be the first class of the event where we kick off the festival and celebrate the day ahead. Everyone is welcome as rad teachers guide participants through a all-level, friendly movement yoga practice. All ages and ability levels are welcome – this is a judgement-free zone.

11:30- 12:30 PMRestorative Yoga



Location: Area B

Presented by RDV Sportsplex.

Enjoy this slow and gentle yoga class using supportive props such as blocks & straps to release deeply held tensions, soothe the nervous system and strengthen the immune system.

12:30 PM- 1:30 PM

Silenced by Sound Off ™

Location: Area A

Presented by Sound Off ™ .

The Sound Off™ yoga class creates an experience that breaks through the noise. This class allows students to listen to the music and instructor on headphones. Participants take an auditory journey to a more intimate space within themselves. While the practitioner is engulfed in a powerful internal journey, the spectator is amazed by the beauty of the group moving in unison.

This class will have a limited number of participants and by registering  a headset will be reserved for you.
Register now to reserve your headset.

1:00 PM- 2:00 PMBeginners’ YogaLocation: Area B

Presented by The Yoga Shala.

This class will break down yoga poses in an easy to understand format that will teach you the names of poses, proper alignment, transitions, breath work, and safe physical methods and body awareness. This class will include warm-up poses, sun salutations, standing poses, seated stretches and breath work. This will be taught at a slow pace, making it very accessible, and at a personal level for everyone. All ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes welcome!

 1:00 PM- 2:00 PMIntro to Acro Yoga Location: Acro Demo Area

Presented by The Orlando Acro Yoga Club.

Welcome to AcroYoga! During this beginner’s level class, you will learn the foundations of AcroYoga in a safe, fun and accessible way. Working in base/flyer/spotter trios, we will cultivate connection, trust and play as we make shapes together and soar through the air as birds, high-flying whales and stars! No experience required. Come alone or bring a friend. All you need is an open mind and an open heart to join in. 

2:00 PM- 3:00 PMYin Yoga Location: Area A

Presented by Guruv Yoga

Yummy Yin is a perfect way to relax, renew, stretch This class will consist of 5-15 minutes of restorative yoga to ground, center and soothe, followed by 45 minutes of yin, finishing with a much deserved and possibly divine, Shavasana. Incorporating a yin practice promotes joint health, can prevent injury, encourages balance and complements any vinyasa practice. Yin yoga focuses on lengthening connective tissue typically in the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Postures are typically held for 3-10 minutes fostering relaxation, boosting energy.


2:30 PM- 3:30 PMCore Power- Restore the CoreLocation: Area B

Presented by Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness

Core Yoga is a fun, flow class which will awaken the core and focus on building core muscular energy and stamina. A strong core can improve your balance, give you great posture and contribute to overall well-being. You will have a safer and more energized practice on the mat, and also be better prepared to face the daily practice of life off the mat. The class is open to all levels of students. Modifications will be given as needed.

3:30 PM- 4:30 PM

Say Yes to the Stretch

Location: Area A

Presented Yoga Fit.

Yes to the Stretch is a passive practice that involves a variation of seated and supine poses designed to stretch, open and restore the deep layers of fascia; or connective tissue around the joints.