What makes the “It’s Just Yoga” Festival Model
Unique and Great for Sponsors

Yoga is one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the United States. Consumers are hungry for information on yoga and are looking for information on how to begin their practice or where to grow their current practice. It’s Just Yoga festivals are built around these needs.

Location, Location, Location

Festivals are centrally located in each city to make it easily accessible for participants.

Festival Experience

Community Event Open to All

Festivals are open to all.

It’s Just Yoga festivals are for yogis of all experience levels, ages, shapes and sizes. If it’s your first time on the mat it is a great opportunity to learn something new or if you’re an experienced yogi you can go to new heights of yoga fun.

Classes offered are donation based with all class proceeds benefitting a local nonprofit.
The message of It’s Just Yoga is: Yoga for Everyone, Yoga for You.

Easy to Understand Class Program

Classes are well defined with simple to understand names which reach out to participants specific needs. (Beginners’ Yoga, Yoga for Stress Reduction, Yoga for Weight Loss, Children’s Yoga).

Event Attendees

Mainstream – Health Conscious Audience

Festivals attract all fitness levels and the variety of classes appeal to men, women and families.
Festival attendees are health conscious individuals who are looking for these types of products & services.

Participant’s ages are wide ranging and based on the classes offered: children’s classes, adult classes, sports oriented, couples’ classes, and seniors’ yoga.

Experience of Event Producer – inPower Events

inPower Events has been producing and activating large scale events and festivals for over 20 years. This experience combined with a passion for yoga has made It’s Just Yoga Festivals a natural fit for inPower.

Known for developing unique marketing ideas and sales solutions for local businesses.  inPower Events creates programs exclusive to the market and offers an “experience” style approach to sponsorship activation.

To learn how your company can get involved in “It’s Just Yoga” festivals please contact